As an online business with an extremely lean physical infrastructure and a marketing model that is largely paperless, our impact on the environment is relatively low for our industry.

However, across our operations we remain committed to minimising our environmental impact and to actively managing our carbon footprint.

During the year, we engaged a specialist environmental consultancy, Envantage Ltd, to carry out an independent and detailed energy audit to calculate our energy usage and GHG emissions. Following its audit, we have assigned an energy manager with responsibility for reviewing and actioning the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) recommendations as appropriate. Under SECR, we will continue to monitor our energy usage and report our emissions intensity each year.


GHG emissions data

  2020 2019 Change
Energy (kWh)      
Natural gas 216,767 492,786 (56.0%)
Electricity 505,149 422,344 19.6%
Transport 289,853 354,351 (18.2%)
Total energy (kWh) 1,011,769 1,269,481 (20.3%)
Emissions (tCO2e)      
Natural gas 39.9 90.6 (56.0%)
Location based 129.1 108.0 19.6%
Market based 95.2 78.4 21.6%
Transport 69.3 84.8 (18.2%)
Total SECR emissions1 238.3 283.3 (15.9%)
Intensity metric      
£m turnover 83.1 88.5 (6.1%)
tCO2e per £m turnover 2.87 3.20 (10.4%)


1 Location-based emissions only