Continuously build on a culture of customers and professional people being uniquely brought together by technology to bring about positive, continuous and lasting change in the real estate industry. It is a place where great people can do great things that saves customers lots of money, gives them a better experience and makes the whole process of moving so much easier and less stressful.


We are committed to showing the world that all our achievements over the last 3 years were only the beginning. Our unwavering belief in pushing boundaries is powered by a deep commitment to new technologies and ambitious goals. And our unique and growing understanding of customers around the world is constantly evolving, while remaining at the heart of everything we do. We aim to cement a longer lifetime relationship with customers beyond any sale, purchase or let.



Purplebricks has grown a strong reputation for delivering fantastic service for its customers. Just because we have combined the powers of people and technology and eliminated the unnecessary costs associated with outdated high street estate agency, and as a result offer a cheaper fee, it does not mean the customer gets an inferior service. We offer an end to end full estate agency experience for all our customers, all day every day.



We have built a unique culture amongst people who engage with the brand whether they represent Purplebricks or we have been of service to them.  Our people have a single minded desire, a steadfast belief and tireless energy for our objectives and our customers have a genuine aspiration for us to win, to grow and be more and more successful.   It is this strong sense of culture that has enabled us in only 3 ½ years to grow our business materially in the UK, to extend our footprint to Australia and recently launch in the US.  We will protect and nurture this secret, yet powerful ingredient. 



We believe we have changed the way people think about estate agents and estate agency.  We believe we have changed the way customers engage and communicate with estate agents and others in the transaction.  We believe we have changed things to make what was not possible 24/7, possible 24/7.  We have made the process more instant, efficient, urgent and transparent.   But this is only the beginning.  We will continue to invest in technology to make the lives of our people and our customers more fulfilling. 


Making an engaging, thought provoking connection with someone in a way that resonates and drives them to your website is something that has been a key part of Purplebricks success to date. We coined, and trademarked, the term “commisery”, the misery you feel when you have paid too much in commission and got nothing more for your money. We continue to invest heavily in that moment of realisation for consumers by creating highly effective, single minded, yet simple campaign led creative performances.